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Question regarding passing parameters into file

From: Auman, Scott J.
Subject: Question regarding passing parameters into file
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 10:08:19 -0400


I have a question regarding passing parameter(s) from the archive file (,v)
into the file that gets checked out.

For example:
If I have 3 versions of a package body called test.pkb:

I want to check out version 1.1, so I do.  Can you tell me the TOKEN that I
need in my 'Author' information in the test.pkb file already so that when I
do check out version 1.1, it puts the 'version' and 'file name' in my Author
header' of the checked out file.

This is the file prior to checking in:

* Author Scott Auman        *
* File:   <TOKEN1>           *
* Version: <TOKEN2>        *
select 1 from dual
end of file

We would want it to replace the 'TOKENs' with the version that was checked
out, as well as the filename.  Therefore creating the file like such:
* Author Scott Auman        *
* File:   test.pkb                 *
* Version: 1.1                    *

Any suggestions would be great!  Thanks!

Please let me know if you have any questions..

Scott J. Auman
Systems Analyst
EBS Technical Team
Phone:  724-337-4145
Cell    :  412-215-1217
Email  :  address@hidden

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