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rcs questions.

From: Jody_Corson
Subject: rcs questions.
Date: Thu, 28 Aug 2003 14:36:35 -0700

Here at Caltrans we are trying to use the rcs I received at for Solaris 2.8.  I have successfully installed the
software and pretty much everything is working, however we are experiencing
some differences from the rcs that is currently being used on the hp to
what we have now on the Solaris box.
1) How do we get the rcs on Solaris to recognize all the programs that have
revision levels from hp onto the Sun?
2) Do we have to start at revision 1 and loose all the history that was
attained on the hp box?
3) Are the co and ci commands that came bundled in the package for Solaris
work as they currently do on the hp or will there be differences?
4) Will diff command be the same as it worked on the hp on the Solaris.

We are facing a deadline of tomorrow to get the check in and check out to
perform as it is on the hp or Caltrans wants to scrap the rcs archival
program for Harvest.  I would like to keep rcs and not use Harvest, so
immediate help would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you

TTFN   :-)  jody
State of California
Department of Transportation
(916) 227-9161 desk
(916) 799-5125 cellphone

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