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Re: Questions about rcs.

From: Aaron S. Hawley
Subject: Re: Questions about rcs.
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 17:41:47 -0400 (EDT)

RCS files should be backwards compatible, else try the -Vn where n is the
version of RCS compatability mode.

Where ever there is code under version control make sure its respective
RCS subdirectory is also brought over from the HP-UX machine.

I'm not sure about any Solaris particulars, other members of the list
might.  Just make sure you're using GNU diff utils.

feel free to send your more specific problems with running RCS on
solaris("I typed in <this> and got <that>") to this list.


On Tue, 19 Aug 2003 address@hidden wrote:

> Hi I work for the Department of Transportation in California as a Unix Sys
> Admin for Solaris servers.  We are in the process of moving an Informix
> database from an HP-UX over to Solaris 2.8 and found that the HP system was
> using rcs as a archival and retrival storage for their Informix 4th gl
> code.  I have several questions in hopes that you can make this porting of
> rcs over to the Sun possible.
>    Is there a way to find out the version of rcs running on the hp?
>    Does it matter that I would be pulling the latest and greatest verstion
>    from your site to use on the Sun?
>    How can I get help to set up the rcs on a Solarix box?
>    We are having problems with "co" and "ci" functioning on the Solaris
>    box.  How do I set up the directories that rcs will use to do its saving
>    and copying of the code the programmers need?
> We have over extended the amount of time to migrate from the hp over to the
> Sun servers.  We now only have 6 weeks and I was just informed Friday about
> this rcs software product.  Would anyone be willing to help.  I would be
> willing to make the call from this end to get your support.  Any help would
> be greatly apprecaiated.
> Thank you

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