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What if the author field in a RCS file is a numeral as in 12345

From: Arvind Raman
Subject: What if the author field in a RCS file is a numeral as in 12345
Date: Fri, 13 Jun 2003 05:09:06 -0700 (PDT)

I came across this problem a few years agom when I
tried to fix the problem by myself, but off late I
have to suspect the fix that I did.

I guess the rlog.c version 5.7 (windows) assumes that
the author field would be a string and would not be a 

In our organization where the login IDs are numbers 
the name of authors in the RCS file figures as a 
numeral. I believe that the rlog executable in release

5.7 is unable to parse such files for as soon as I add

an alphanumeric character like "a" in front of the 
numeral the rlog parses the file without any error.

Does the restriction of the author name not being a 
numeral there with a reason. If thats the case I 
definitely need to find a work around it. I made the 
following change to the rcssync.c file in the function
getkeyval(keyword, token, optional) the diff of which
is listed below

<       if (strcmp(keyword,"author") == 0)
<       {
<               nexttok = token;
<       }

Could anyone let me know if this is a valid fix, if 
not could someone point out to resources that could
help me out.

Thanks and regards

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