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Re: Installing RCS 5.7

From: sharon Stanfill
Subject: Re: Installing RCS 5.7
Date: Wed, 04 Dec 2002 11:56:10 -0500

Look to see where diff3 is on your system and be sure that that's in your path (ie RCS can find it). If you are on a PC, you can find diff3 in cygwin, assuming you have that.
At 11:43 AM 12/4/2002 -0500, Ouadie Benkirane wrote:


I begin the installation of RCS by executing the following command: ./configure

I get this error message: checking diff3 library program... configure: error: cannot find a working diff3 library program

I install the GNU diffutils package, but I still have the same error.

Could you please help.


Ouadie Benkirane.

Sharon Stanfill
Group 31 (BMD/Systems Analysis)
Lincoln Laboratory
Lexington , MA

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