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Question on RCS command

From: Yvonne
Subject: Question on RCS command
Date: Thu, 29 Nov 2001 21:12:33 -0800

Hello there,
I'm writing a Perl script for a Unix class project and I have a question on RCS.  I'm having the script check in all files within a directory (/users/*).  Then I want to check out the files from the RCS directory within the users1 directory  (/user1/RCS/), and have those files placed back into the user1 directory, not the RCS directory.  This is because I want only ,v files in the RCS directory.  The way I can successfully do this at the command prompt is to be in the current working directory which is /user1.  Thus in Perl, I write the script to change directories using the chdir command to the current working directory BEFORE I do the check in and check out commands.  This would seem logical, however Perl doesn't seem to recognize the chdir command or even the cd command I wrote.  In example, I wrote:
system "chdir /home/milan_y/users/user1";
When I run the script, which is in my bin directory, RCS checks in the files then checks them out to my bin directory.  Thus, the script doesn't recognize my change directory line.
Also, if I check out the files, check them in, change a file then check out the files again, when it checks them back in, I get a message asking to overwrite the file.  How can I bypass that message...hence what option can I use in my script to do that....
Any help on this would be much appreciated.  Thanks!
Yvonne Milan

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