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From: Colin Fu
Subject: CVS
Date: Thu, 17 May 2001 11:09:22 +0100

Hi, I am a new user to open source control software.

I was told that RCS is only free to be used in a single-user environment but
not in a multiple-user environment, which I guess is true.

I myself came across CVS, which is also an open source version control
software, but I didn't know if there was any link/relation between RCS and

Now I read at your official home page that "CVS <>  is an
open source version control system layered on top of RCS, designed to manage
entire software projects."

My questions 

1)      what does that statement actually mean??
2)      What are the differences and similarities between RCS and CVS, as
far as functionality issues are concerned??
3)      Can I use either one without another?
4)      Is CVS free to be used in multiple-user environment if you know that



Colin Fu

The Turbo Genset Company Ltd.,
Unit 3 Heathrow Summit Centre
Skyport Drive Hatch Lane
West Drayton
Middlesex UB7 4JL
Tel: 0208 546 4460
Fax:0208 546 4461

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