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an RCS file corruption bug (after all these years ?)

From: Don Russell
Subject: an RCS file corruption bug (after all these years ?)
Date: Fri, 05 Jan 2001 16:24:57 -0500

We have started to experience a problem on Redhat 6.2 Intel boxes using
 RCS to access files via NFS on a DEC Unix server. Every so often
 (< once per month) an RCS file gets corrupted as a result of a checkin
 from one of RH 6.2 boxes. We have been doing this with other Linux and
 Unix clients for 10 years without any problems at all. The corruption
 is a 16 byte overwrite of data every 64k in the file, starting after
 the delta for the just-checked in branch. This is RCS version 5.7.

 Any ideas ?

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