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CR/LF cross paltform development.

From: Garrett Crowley
Subject: CR/LF cross paltform development.
Date: Tue, 21 Nov 2000 15:00:46 +0000

Hello ,

I am currently developing an application to run on both Windows and Linux platforms.
Both binary and text files are being used.

I wish to use RCS 5.7 to archive the code.
The files to be stored under RCS are both binary and text.

The code will only be developed on a windows platform NT, Windows 2000.
But the resulting code will run under Linux as well.

Should I set the RCS_LF_ONLY variable? If so, why?

I have edited files on Windows placed them into the RCS archive checked them out and then ran them under Linux. They worked fine. I have not investigated binary files yet.

My main concern is that the binary files may not work. Many of my text files are going to be stored as binary files in the RCS ,does this cause any problems ?

I would appreciate any comments,

thank you,

Garrett Crowley.

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