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Symbolic toolbox on Mac?

From: Nicholas Jankowski
Subject: Symbolic toolbox on Mac?
Date: Fri, 31 Jul 2020 10:55:13 -0400

>>  Thank you for answering my email. Here is what I get whenever I put any 
>> commands in.
>> > >> x= sym('x')
>> > warning: the 'sym' function belongs to the symbolic package from Octave 
>> > Forge
>> > which seems to not be installed in your system.
>> > Please read <> to learn how you can
>> > contribute missing functionality.
>> > error: 'sym' undefined near line 1 column 4
>> > >> f= x^2
>> > error: 'x' undefined near line 1 column 4
>> > >> limit(f,2)
>> > error: 'f' undefined near line 1 column 7
>>  I clicked the link and followed directions on how to get the symbolic 
>> package but still had no luck. I installed this system on my macbook pro. I 
>> did try the windows version on here too but it didn't work because I have a 
>> macbook I'm guessing.
>>  -Clarke
>> ok, very important you Reply All and keep the help list copied.  I
>> personally know nothing about macs.  I wouldn't expect the windows
>> version to be much help either.    I notice that there's nothing
>> equivalent to the windows instructions on that wiki
>> (
>> I've cc'd the list so hopefully someone else can help.

sorry for the extra message, but replying with a more specific subject
line so others on the help list with Mac experience might see it and
chime in if they can help.


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