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Re: System command issue

Subject: Re: System command issue
Date: Thu, 30 Jul 2020 15:55:34 -0300

Thank you!!! 
I had no Idea! 
Now, I know what to look for ... 
Than you again


El jue., 30 jul. 2020 a las 2:01, Kai Torben Ohlhus (<>) escribió:

On 7/30/20 7:22 AM, Mario Cachile wrote:
> Hi All!
> I've been looking for this question, but Sorry if it has been answered
> before.
>  This is it.
> I've been running version 4.2.2 on linux (Ubuntu 18.04) and recently I've
> installed the 5.2 version from snapd, so now I have both versions running.
> The problem I have is when I invoke "system" command, in particular I'm
> interested in "pdflatex", which is "not found" in the newer version, but
> runs perfect in the older one.
> I guess there is an issue with some permissions in executing the "system"
> command (in fact I "see" much more linux commands with the older than the
> newer version) ... I'm lost, I don't know where is the problem, any help
> will be kindly welcome.
> If needed any additional information, just ask me.
> Thanks in advance
> Mario Cachile

You did nothing wrong, that is the nature of Docker, snap, flatpak, ...
they are all containers.  These containers run a minimal virtual Linux
installation with all libraries necessary to run Octave.  Thinking of
real containers helps to understand the problem.

The benefit of these container solutions is, that new Octave versions
run on super old Linux installations, no library conflicts, etc.
Minimal assumptions about the "native" Linux system are made.

On the downside, that you are experiencing, those container solutions
have a hard time trying to interact with the "native" (old) Linux
system.  You cannot launch all "native" applications from within the
container.  The container Octave cannot make any assumptions that you
have Firefox or pdflatex installed on your "native" Linux.  The /usr/bin
directories on the "native" and container Linux are not the same to
avoid library and version conflicts.

How "native" the container Octave "feels" strongly depends on the
container solution.  For example snapper makes several things like your
"native" home directory, sound, default applications, available to your
container Octave.  But there are many limitations and bug reports.

How to use the "native pdflatex" from inside the container Octave?

1. Modify the Octave snapd Octave container to have pdflatex included.
2. Install a local TeX Live in your home directory.

Maybe there are better solutions.  I am interested too =)


Mario Cachile
Análisis III, curso 5

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