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Re: Octave's file issues

From: Kai Torben Ohlhus
Subject: Re: Octave's file issues
Date: Mon, 3 Jun 2019 15:15:31 +0200
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On 6/3/19 10:17 AM, Gianluigi Cirillo wrote:
> Hello,
> I have some problem when I try to open some Octave's file (.m) archived
> on the server.
> When i work with this file (it isn't every the same files), every two
> minutes I have this error (img attached). The error says "the file are
> modify from another application, Do you want to re-loading it?
> This error occured only when I want to open these files from the server,
> but when i try to open these files from the pc, the error doesn't appear.
> Could you help me?
> Kinds Regards,
> Gianluigi Cirillo

You can check the setting "Reload externally changed files without prompt":

  > Edit > Preferences > Editor (tab) > File handling (category almost
at bottom) > "Reload externally changed files without prompt"

It seems that the temporary file's metadata is altered during the server
access, such that Octave cannot reliably determine if it was changed or not.


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