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Query about GPL-License

From: nigel Jordan
Subject: Query about GPL-License
Date: Fri, 7 Apr 2017 12:12:06 +0530

Dear Madam/ Sir,

We are developing an application in C++, which is going to call "octave-cli.exe" using windows 
api "CreateProcess". The c++ application is not calling any octave library functions directly. 
The applicaion creates a process that runs octave-cli.exe. The application stores the statements 
to be executed in a variable. Basically, the variable is an in-memory version of a .m file. 
The application writes the contents of the variable, line by line, to the created process's 
standard input stream, using windows pipes. The application also reads back the computed result 
from process's output stream. We need our application to be closed source, and don't want it 
to be GPL-licensed. Can we do this? 

Thanks and Regards,


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