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Re: my c/c++ "octaveserver" program does not work with inbuilit m-file f

From: Dave Cottingham 2
Subject: Re: my c/c++ "octaveserver" program does not work with inbuilit m-file functions
Date: Wed, 3 Dec 2014 10:40:00 -0800 (PST)

maber wrote
> Hi! 
> I have recompiled octave to an "octaveserver" using Visual Studio 2013.
> This enables me to call octave m-files from a client c/c++ program using a
> pipe. This works very fine for common math operators like +,-,/,* in my
> m-files. However when I like to call those simple inbuilt m-file functions
> like trapz, polyfit.. etc, the "octaveserver" does not provide correct
> answers. Somehow,  my octaveserver cannot "link" those inbuilt functions
> properly. Have I missed something in the compilation?

Your symptom sounds like the octave search path isn't set. You can check
this by asking your octaveserver to execute the "path" command and see if
the result points to the directories where things like polyfit.m are kept.

If this is the problem, I'm not sure exactly how you should solve it. If you
weren't on Windows, I'd say set the environment variable OCTAVE_PATH to the
appropriate path. Perhaps Windows has some corresponding thing.

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