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Re: Ques. Re Octave 3.8.2

From: Andreas Weber
Subject: Re: Ques. Re Octave 3.8.2
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2014 10:53:51 +0200
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Am 19.08.2014 06:07, schrieb Terry Duell:
> Hello All,
> Can anyone tell me if the 3.8.2 release is the same as the 3.8.2-RC2, or
> were there some final changes prior to release?
> Cheers,

I'm not very good in mercurial but I try to help.
Show changes between 3.8.2-RC2 and release 3.8.2:

hg log -r rc-3-8-2-2::release-3-8-2
changeset:   18883:46df2c7b8f4d
branch:      stable
tag:         rc-3-8-2-2
parent:      18869:23681c9ea7ba
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Tue Jul 01 04:48:33 2014 -0400
summary:     3.8.2 release candidate 2

changeset:   18884:ed41db031752
branch:      stable
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Tue Jul 01 04:48:55 2014 -0400
summary:     Added tag rc-3-8-2-2 for changeset 46df2c7b8f4d

changeset:   18886:534511deb10e
branch:      stable
parent:      18884:ed41db031752
user:        Mike Miller <address@hidden>
date:        Tue Jul 01 21:55:15 2014 -0400
summary:     Use %!testif HAVE_CHOLMOD for sparse chol test added in
cset 161b11e7da2d

changeset:   18898:310fd62e9d4b
branch:      stable
parent:      18886:534511deb10e
user:        Philip Nienhuis <address@hidden>
date:        Fri Jul 04 17:12:50 2014 +0200
summary:     listdlg.m: convert SQ strings to DQ, fix num2str call in

changeset:   18907:54ab08d8de55
branch:      stable
parent:      18898:310fd62e9d4b
user:        Carn? Draug <address@hidden>
date:        Sat Jul 12 23:23:13 2014 +0100
summary:     "Un"-deprecate java_get() and java_set() functions (bug

changeset:   18908:10c38b9e5423
branch:      stable
user:        Ben Abbott  <address@hidden>
date:        Sun Jul 13 09:45:00 2014 -0400
summary:     Move java_set.m and java_get.m from
scripts/deprecated/ to scripts/java/

changeset:   18909:9887440ceb2e
branch:      stable
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Sun Jul 13 17:43:19 2014 -0700
summary:     doc: Update documentation around java_get, java_set.

changeset:   18914:bebe22d2cb58
branch:      stable
parent:      18909:9887440ceb2e
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Sun Jul 13 19:46:57 2014 -0700
summary:     build: Create octave.desktop even when --disable-docs
configured (bug #42720).

changeset:   18915:3e4e2cfba186
branch:      stable
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Sun Jul 13 20:43:25 2014 -0700
summary:     Stop mkoctfile process if any part of compilation or
linking fails (bug #42704).

changeset:   18916:5999e654f256
branch:      stable
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Fri Jun 27 17:09:28 2014 -0400
summary:     WIFEXITED and WEXITSTATUS macros for

changeset:   18917:f6468b8c6a74
branch:      stable
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Mon Jul 14 08:33:02 2014 -0700
summary:     doc: Correct variable name in waitforbuttonpress docstring
(bug #42768).

changeset:   18953:bcbd309bf272
branch:      stable
parent:      18917:f6468b8c6a74
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Wed Jul 23 08:38:46 2014 -0700
summary:     doc: Fix quote character at beginning of External Code
Interfaces chapter.

changeset:   18956:ab5983dc0587
branch:      stable
parent:      18953:bcbd309bf272
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Thu Jul 24 11:11:57 2014 -0700
summary:     statistics.m: Fix regression caused by change in skewness,
kurtosis functions.

changeset:   18957:87cba451fd5e
branch:      stable
user:        Carn? Draug <address@hidden>
date:        Thu Jul 24 17:37:45 2014 +0100
summary: fix png check for image class in older
GM (bug #42834).

changeset:   18960:a5add7b660ac
branch:      stable
parent:      18957:87cba451fd5e
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Sat Jul 26 07:50:38 2014 -0700
summary:     build: Fix compiling GUI on Alpha platforms (bug #42839).

changeset:   18973:625e3bb65885
branch:      stable
parent:      18960:a5add7b660ac
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Tue Jul 01 15:56:00 2014 -0400
summary:     don't require Qt 4.7 (bug #42657)

changeset:   18974:d8abf813c69f
branch:      stable
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Fri Aug 01 08:09:02 2014 -0400
summary:     handle changes in bison 3.x

changeset:   18979:8de35ac99e80
branch:      stable
parent:      18974:d8abf813c69f
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Fri Aug 01 14:06:35 2014 -0400
summary:     fix botched merge

changeset:   18984:1197f04eec09
branch:      stable
parent:      18979:8de35ac99e80
user:        Colin Macdonald <address@hidden>
date:        Tue Jul 15 00:14:18 2014 +0100
summary:     doc: minor typo fixes and copy-paste error.

changeset:   18987:082063dc2165
branch:      stable
parent:      18984:1197f04eec09
user:        Rik <address@hidden>
date:        Tue Aug 05 17:46:31 2014 -0700
summary:     ls.m: Fix bug listing directories with spaces in name (bug

changeset:   18991:a66548dc07b0
branch:      stable
tag:         release-3-8-2
parent:      18987:082063dc2165
user:        John W. Eaton <address@hidden>
date:        Thu Aug 07 11:41:28 2014 -0400
summary:     Version 3.8.2 released.

So, yes, there were some changes and bugfixes.
Hope that helps, Andy

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