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Re: sparse seg-faults on Solaris 2.8

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: Re: sparse seg-faults on Solaris 2.8
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 10:34:22 -0600
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Andy Adler wrote:
On Thu, 30 Sep 2004, Johansson Nicklas (RTLSN-NPJ) wrote:

I have also compiled octave-forge-2004.09.09 with Octave-2.1.59,
but I'm having troubles with the sparse functions. Writing

S = sparse(3,3);

causes Octave to panic with segmentation violation. The same problem
exists with octave-2.1.57 and octave-forge-2004.07.07.

Is this also a problem with


I can confirm the problem with Sparc 8 with all three cases
(it segfaults with all of them).

With i386/linux (and octave 2.1.60) I get:

octave:1> S = sparse(3,3);
octave:2> sparse(zeros(3))
ans =

Compressed Column Sparse (rows=3, cols=3, nnz=0)

octave:3> sparse([],[],[],3,3)
error: invalid conversion from matrix to real vector




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