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static variables

From: Fabian
Subject: static variables
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 04:00:50 -0500

octave:> computer, VER=version
i686-pc-cygwin       VER = 2.1.58

'static' keyword cannot be found in the list of reserved words, which
is returned by  '$ help'.  Instead, 'persistent' occurs in this list.

But obviously 'static' variables may still be used, because I'm still
able to successfully run those older scripts, which rely on them.

Are 'persistent' variables implemented in the same way as
'static' variables are ?

Do I have to update those scripts, because 'static'
may not be supported anymore in upcoming versions ?


Dr. Rolf Fabian
Institute for Analytical Sciences  - Department Berlin <>

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