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Re: contour plot + lines

From: Victor Munoz
Subject: Re: contour plot + lines
Date: Sat, 18 Sep 2004 17:24:40 +0900
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> and I plot zz with 
> contour(xx,yy,zz)
> now I would like to plot some lines on this plot something like and/or some 
> points
> but I got only "Notice: cannot contour non grid data!"

  That's exactly the kind of problem I had some years ago. I wrote, a C++ code based on PLPLot contour routine. It takes grid data
and outputs a matrix in the format of Matlab's contourc function. It's
available at

I have a sequence of scripts which take grid data, call contourl and then
plot the contour lines in a regular 2d plot. You can then add further lines
and symbols at will. The process is very complicated (as I've used various
scripts not simultaneously written, but which work), but if you're
interested I could send you those files too so that you play with them.

Shai Ayal on this list wrote an oct file to make contourl available as a
function directly on Octave. After modifying it a bit, I could compile it
for the octave version available on Debian woody, which I use everyday at
work. It has some issues yet, which Shai and I could not solve (some
spurious lines appear unless you do a clearplot;closeplot before every
contour you want to plot). I did not try compiling it for debian woody,
which has a much more recent Octave version. 

That's the story so far with this particular solution. Maybe it can help you.



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