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Re: matrix sizes

From: Paul Kienzle
Subject: Re: matrix sizes
Date: Wed, 15 Sep 2004 21:19:30 -0400

On Sep 15, 2004, at 9:08 PM, John W. Eaton wrote:

Since the Octave sources are rapidly evolving, it will not work for
someone to go off on their own and implement this change and then
submit a patch when the job is done.  The number of changes is simply
too large, and nearly every file will be modified.  By the time the
job is done, many of the patches would no longer apply.  So we need to
do something like

  #define OCTAVE_IDX_T size_t     // use this for testing the changes

  // #define OCTAVE_IDX_T int     // use this to keep things working

in config.h so we can make the changes incrementally.  This way,
we can divide the work and keep things working as changes are made.
After a file (or even just a portion of a file) is converted, a patch
can be submitted.  Then it is more likely that the changes will still
apply by the time the patch is submitted.

Agreed.  It is much easier to examine the patches if that is the case,
and it guarantees backward compatibility to exclusively 32-bit

I would however recommend using the following in config.h so that
the all of the code isn't shouting at us:

        typedef OCTAVE_IDX_T octave_idx_t;

- Paul

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