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RE: address@hidden

From: grumpy steve
Subject: RE: address@hidden
Date: Tue, 14 Sep 2004 00:11:55 +0100

Joe Koski wrote:


>>Not to rain on the parade, but there are many sound editing software packages already there that do this same stuff. Roxio

>>(now Napster?) even ships one with their CD writing software upgrade. I have a shareware package called Sound Studio on my

>>Mac that works quite well, and was only $40. Unless some demented professor decided that this would be a good class project

>>for a signal processing class, I would Google for some more specific software. Using Octave for this is like trying to convert a fast

>>sports car into an airplane. That’s my personal opinion, anyway


Quite so.  One would certainly be disappointed if one expected the throughput from Octave to reach that of compiled code on general signal processing tasks.  But Octave is a great environment for prototyping new algorithms, and getting an off-the-shelf package does little to increase one’s own understanding.



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