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Re: resolution of output plot

From: Dmitri A. Sergatskov
Subject: Re: resolution of output plot
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 17:02:54 -0600
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Matt Funk wrote:

i was wondering of there is any way of changing the resolution of the output plot in octave. I am writing directly to a jpeg/png file . when i "gset size 2.0" the plot is bigger but looks horrible.

Unless you get octave do something like automatically generate plots for
a webpage, you should not use png (and _never_ jpeg) for your graphs.
You should try to stay with vector format (like postscript or fig)
as long as possible. BTW, it all has nothing to do with octave per se,
but rather with gnuplot. You may want to read
for more info. If you still have to get png directly from octave, you may
want to make sure you have the latest gnuplot. The png support is much better in
the gnuplot 4.0.

i guess i can't seem to be able to write a nice crisp graph straight to a jpeg/png file. It is always a little blurred.

One thing to have in mind here is that screen resolution typically is 75 to 100 
while print is 600 dpi. So the bitmap that looks good in printing will not fit 
on your
screen. The vector image will be rasterized for each output media with the
appropriate resolution and will look good on either one.





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