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Re: Create a logical array of 0

From: Josep Monés i Teixidor
Subject: Re: Create a logical array of 0
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 17:31:16 +0200

On dv, 2004-09-03 at 16:48, David Bateman wrote:
> Ok, this is a bug I introduced in the week before release. The problem
> is here.
>    x = a * ones(idx, class(a))
> as with the previously zeros(m,n,"logical") issue, ones(m,n,"logical")
> isn't defined!!! 

In this case (like in zeros) do you think it would be harmless to break
compatibility a bit and accept zeros(m,n,"logical") ? Since it's an
addition it's not the same as other imcompataibilities (is more like
"embrace and extend" hehe)

I can't see why MATLAB lacks of this. It to me as an overlook by MATLAB
developers (or perhaps they don't want people to use a lot logical

> A workaround for your case is repmat([false, false],10,5);

octave:74> m=repmat([false, false],10,5);
octave:75> whos m

*** local user variables:

  Prot Name  Size  Bytes  Class
  ==== ====  ====  =====  =====
   rwd m    10x10    800  matrix

Total is 100 elements using 800 bytes

Josep Monés i Teixidor
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