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Re: Create a logical array of 0

From: Josep Monés i Teixidor
Subject: Re: Create a logical array of 0
Date: Fri, 03 Sep 2004 17:23:10 +0200

On dv, 2004-09-03 at 16:23, David Bateman wrote:

> Given the above reference I don't beleieve Matlab itself can handle 
> zeros(m,n,'logical'). If your problem is memory then something like
> logical(zeros(m,n,'int8')) should help..

This is what I've done finally... It's a pity that being bool 1 byte in
intel & gcc, converting an unsigned char to a bool wasn't just a matter
of casting a pointer.... gcc actually converts all bytes to 0 and 1 (for
instance 2 is converted to 1) and this takes time (actually it's slower
to convert the array than to create it)....

Josep Monés i Teixidor
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