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Re: int8(0)==0 ?

From: Soren Hauberg
Subject: Re: int8(0)==0 ?
Date: Thu, 02 Sep 2004 20:36:59 +0200
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Hi Josep
I just installed 2.1.58 and int8(0)==0 works just fine for me


Josep Monés i Teixidor wrote:

Now that Octave 2.1.58 is out, I'm checking if the recent files I
contributed support new types correctly, but I face a problem: in
padarray.m I need to check if a scalar is 0, but scalar can be any type.

If I try:

octave:1> int8(0)==0
error: binary operator `==' not implemented for `int8 scalar' by
`scalar' operations
error: evaluating binary operator `==' near line 1, column 8

Shouldn't this work?

I'm mostly sure that I have current CVS version (so 2.1.58  is guess?)
but I could have miss some updates (sorry if this is the case).


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