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Accessing Octave functions from DEFUN_DLD files

From: P S Bettridge
Subject: Accessing Octave functions from DEFUN_DLD files
Date: Thu, 2 Sep 2004 17:03:54 +0100
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I'm relativly new to Octave and i'm trying to write code to enable users to
access and manipulate various variables from packets of data received via UDP
from the comfort and safety of an Octave m-file.

I have successfully created a dynamically linked function written in C++ which
continuously accesses packets of data and creates a set of global variables but
cannot seem to find a way to implement a user defined Octave function or script
from the DEFUN_DLD file. Is there a way to refer to such a function in C++ ?

Also I keep having trouble with accessing data from Octave into C++ because I
can't find a way to convert from an octave_value to a float or double. Is there
a way to do this?

I realise that these problems are nothing new or exciting and won't contribute
to anything but I would very much appreciate any help anybody could offer!

Many thanks
Paul Bettridge
UG University of Sheffield

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