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Re: error: `eig' undefined near line 5 column 7

From: Rich Shepard
Subject: Re: error: `eig' undefined near line 5 column 7
Date: Sat, 31 Jul 2004 08:03:15 -0700 (PDT)

On Sat, 31 Jul 2004, John W. Eaton wrote:

> | I downloaded 2.1.71 yesterday but haven't yet upgraded.
> Do you have a machine for time travel?  If so, can you please tell me
> what is in 2.1.71?  The latest thing I know about is 2.1.57.  :-)


  Mis-remembered latest version. It _is_ 2.1.57.

> You are passing the options -pf to Octave.  I don't think that is doing
> what you think it should.  The -p option sets the initial value of
> LOADPATH to the following argument, in this case "f".  If Octave is only
> searching the directory named "f", then there are probably lots of things
> that it won't be able to find.  Probably you wanted to use the option -qf
> instead, which is the combination of the -q and -f options, which says to
> be quiet and not read any user startup files.

  I took the syntax from the docs; the sample script. I am still not sure
how to run octave from the command line while passing it the file containing
the 64-element array. I didn't try experimenting with the redirection
operator. Trudging up the learning curve, I am.

  In the meantime, octave-2.1.57 is slowly building (with numerous warnings)
on this box (Red Hat 7.3, 2.4.19 kernel, 328M RAM and a 333MHz PII cpu).
Later today I'll copy the tarball to my newer workstation and notebook and
build it there, too. They're much faster boxes running slackware.

  When it's done building I'll try the various suggestions and let you all
know the results.



Dr. Richard B. Shepard, President
Applied Ecosystem Services, Inc. (TM)

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