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Re: How to use fir1 with 'scale'

From: Per Persson
Subject: Re: How to use fir1 with 'scale'
Date: Sat, 24 Jul 2004 12:14:11 +0200

On Jul 21, 2004, at 21:32, Paul Kienzle wrote:

Try: b = fir1(nfilt,0.01,'low', hamming(nfilt+1),'scale') instead.
(nfilt is the number of delays, not coeffs)

Don't know why passing just the window name doesn't work.

Because the author didn't think to implement it?  He will
accept patches though 8-)

If you are going to attempt this, you should check not only
for strings, but also for typeinfo(window)=="function handle"
(there is no 'isfunction' call, and 'exist' only accepts strings).

Out of curiosity ;-), under what circumstances would typeinfo(foo) return "function handle"? I only see "string" or "matrix" (i.e. the return value of window(n)) in this case.


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