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long memory in graphic settings

From: mavram
Subject: long memory in graphic settings
Date: Wed, 7 Jul 2004 09:53:28 +0300
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Dear Octave-wizzards
I encountered lately some problems with the settings of the graphics:
One example is with the (implicit) setting of the direction of the
axis by gset xrange [4000:1350].
It works beautifully. But when I try to revert to the "normal" direction,
the only command that works is axis "auto" (which is not what I wish).
The display remain unchanged after xrange [1350:4000]; replot or after
axis([1350,4000, and appropiate values for y]).
Another example: if I expand the size of one plot to full screen size
and forget to revert to normal size before issueing the next plot
command, all following graphs are full screen by default.
Any ways around ?
I am using octave 2.1.57 with gnuplot 3.8k on a Debian testing system,
kernel 2.4...
Thanks in advance, Avraham

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