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Modify image.m to use bmpwrite.m on Mac OS X?

From: Joe Koski
Subject: Modify image.m to use bmpwrite.m on Mac OS X?
Date: Wed, 23 Jun 2004 13:33:41 -0600
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A while back, with the help of this list (Paul, I think), I was able to use
bmpwrite.m to write image files from imagesc.m to my Mac OS X screen preview
utility. It worked because there is an option M = imagesc(...) for
imagesc.m. You could then bmpwrite the M matrix after the use of imagesc.

The routine image.m does not have the M = image(...) option, so you can't
directly do a similar thing in your .m script to accomplish the same. Is
there a quick and easy modification to image.m that would allow the use
bmpwrite instead of ImageMagick to accomplish this? I don't have ImageMagick
installed, and would prefer not to install it, if possible. My first amateur
attempt at modifying image.m to do this failed, so any suggestions will be

Would this be a better way of modifying image.m for octave-forge for the
Mac? I found ImageMagick to be slow and memory intensive, while bmpwrite
worked quickly. Once in the Preview app, you can save the image into many
different formats.

Additional info: octave-2.1.55 and octave-forge, Mac OS X 10.3.4.


Joe Koski

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