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Re: Octave 2.1.57 vecLib Panther 10.3.4

From: Per Persson
Subject: Re: Octave 2.1.57 vecLib Panther 10.3.4
Date: Mon, 21 Jun 2004 20:50:18 +0200

On Jun 21, 2004, at 16:22, Samir Sharshar wrote:

However, there is a problem that I can't resolve by myself. Principal component analysis runs really slowly (three times less than on a equivalent octave installation on a Debian runnng on a PIV 3.2 GHz). Things are worst when octave was compiling linking ATLAS libraries instead of vecLib ones.

Have you any idea ?

Not really, but given that you have sorted out any "high-level" problems, you could try running a tool such as Shark on the process to find out what is slowing it down.

A starting point could be this document: GS_Performance/index.html
particularly second to last paragraph.


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