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Re: `size' and trailing singleton dimensions

From: Peter J. Acklam
Subject: Re: `size' and trailing singleton dimensions
Date: 03 Jun 2004 22:11:43 +0200
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"John W. Eaton" <address@hidden> wrote:

> On 31-May-2004, Peter J. Acklam <address@hidden> wrote:
> | I use N-dimensional array manipulation heavily in MATLAB, but
> | switching to Octave I run into many problems.
> If you find bugs, please report them to address@hidden
> | Why does Octave treat trailing singleton dimensions
> | differently than MATLAB, even when the `--traditional' switch
> | is used?
> Probably because there is no clear specification of how Matlab works,
> so implementing all the tricky features is not simple.

I see.  I have used MATLAB heavily for many years, and many of my
suggestions and programs are now incorporated into MATLAB
(including lcm, normcdf, norminv, erfcinv, readpnm, writepnm,
readras, writeras), so I like to think I am fairly knowledgable.

However, I don't know how Octave is supposed to work, when the
docs don't explicitly say, so I'm not sure what is a mere
_difference_ between MATLAB and Octave and what is a _bug_.
Perhaps I'll just point out the differences I find and leave it up
to you to decide if this really is a bug.


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