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syntax help: simple formula expansion (sub-indexes with vectors)

From: edA-qa mort-ora-y
Subject: syntax help: simple formula expansion (sub-indexes with vectors)
Date: Thu, 03 Jun 2004 17:46:13 +0200
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Although I've been working with octave for a little while now I am still having a lot of problems working with the most basic expressions. Can somebody please indicate to me the prefered way to handle the below example.

Given these variables (not in octave notation to avoid confusion):
        l is a 2-space vector (ex. (4,5), in octave: [4,5])
        x is a 2-space vector
        h is a real number
        n is an integer
        i is the range of numbers [1,n]

I want to evalute the following function for every integer in i:

        d(i) = l + ( h/n * ( i + 0.5 ) ) * x
I want to create the variable d that has the result of the function for each element of i. I try doing something like below, but I keep getting errors.

        for q=i; d(q)=l-((h/n)*(q+0.5))*x; end

        error: A(I) = X: X must be a scalar or a vector with same length as I

How do I do this? (If possible it'd be nice not to use a loop, but since I can't even get the loop working I feel unqualified to find a better solution)

edA-qa mort-ora-y
Idea Architect

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