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From: E. Joshua Rigler
Subject: ATLAS
Date: Mon, 29 Sep 2003 17:13:40 -0600

I'm a little punchy at the moment, and I'll probably kick myself
tomorrow for asking such dumb questions, but...

1) Which ones and where should the ATLAS libraries get placed on a
typical UNIX system once they've been compiled using "make install
arch=<arch?"? (sorry, that's not really an Octave question, but I figure
someone on this list should know)

2) Are the ATLAS header files necessary to compile Octave with ATLAS

3) Is there any real advantage to creating shared libraries as opposed
to the standard static libraries (other than size)?  Will I have any
problems if I follow the directions provided here:

4) Again, not Octave specific, but the results of some comparative
timings using the ATLAS BLAS, and the default BLAS that comes with
RedHat 9 seem suspiciously similar.  Does anyone know if they are indeed
the same?  If so, does anyone have suggestions for something better, or
is this the best I can do on an Intel P4 architecture?

Thanks for any and all pointers.


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