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Re: Win32: Using system cmd to invoke batch file

From: Stephen Simpson
Subject: Re: Win32: Using system cmd to invoke batch file
Date: Wed, 17 Sep 2003 13:40:24 +1000

Okay, i think that i have figured it out...

afaik octave resides in a bash shell under cygwin. this means that the "command parameter" for octave's system command should follow bash rules. in other words path names that include spaces should be delimited within single quotes (ASCII 39 dec), AND dos / windows style path separators must be specifically quoted using the backslash token (ASCII 92 dec).

ie. filename arguements for native windows/dos commands that are embedded in the "STRING" parameter of octave's system command should be specified using any of the following formats




or using UNC




eg. say i wanted to run a batch file from within octave called "LoadUsingExcel.bat" that takes a single filename parameter, "C:\path with embedded spaces\file name.csv", then i type the following

system("LoadUsingExcel.bat 'C:\\path with embedded spaces\\file name.csv'")

hope this helps

Stephen Simpson

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