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Re: Dynamic linking of .oct files and symbol names in libcruft (intrp.f

From: Rudolf Seemann
Subject: Re: Dynamic linking of .oct files and symbol names in libcruft (intrp.f in libcruft/villad)
Date: 11 Sep 2003 14:33:54 +0200

Thank you for all replies!

>| If you are using c++, you could include the file with namespace scope
>| around it:
>| namespace mylib {
>| #include "mylib.h"
>| }
>| which should solve name conflicts.

>If the "foreign" intrp function were in C++, then the name would be
>mangled and the linker wouldn't see the conflict with Octave's intrp
>function which is Fortran.

The foreign function is fortran... 

While trying to be more intelligent than my compiler, I wrapped the
foreign function headers in a namespace as you proposed

in myobject.h:
namespace mylib {
        #include <optimizer.h>

in myobject.cpp:
        mylib::optimizeFunctionInFortran(param1, param2);

Since optimizeFunctionInFortran calls several other functions which live
in global namespace, symbol table in my .oct-file tells me:

address@hidden octave]$ nm -a optimizePendulum.oct | grep intrp
00029118 T intrp_
00000000 a intrp.f
As expected and undesired the linker made intrp a global symbol again. 

Any other ideas?

Thanks Rudi

PS I liked the namespace idea, that would have been much more
comfortable than renaming functinons in libcruft or my library... but as
life goes the problem remains.

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