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multiplot with gnuplot

From: Al Niessner
Subject: multiplot with gnuplot
Date: 04 Sep 2003 12:56:40 -0700

Doing a multiplot to a file with octave/gnuplot is a bit fun since you
cannot switch outputs with a multiplot. Anyway, here is the problem. I
am trying to put 6 graphs into a single image(two graphs in a single
image looks great by the way), but they are so small that they are
useless. So I tried to make things better but the graphs only go in the
original sized window. Why? How do I get things to fit correctly?

So, here some octave code:

octave:2> gset terminal png small notransparent color
octave:3> gset size 1,3
octave:4> gset output '/tmp/temp3.png'
octave:5> displayTemperature (2,0)
octave:6> gset nomultiplot
octave:7> gset output

The displayTemperature basically sets the subplot (61N), clears the plot
settings, sets up the new plot settings like labels, grid, etc., then
generates the gplot command to get all of the data into a single command
-- using plot does not work well because of scaling issues of the graph
and the immutability of a file. I then wind up with a picture that is
640x1440 but all the graphs are in the lower 1/3 of the picture. If
anyone would like to see it I will email it, but it is a 12K binary and
did not want to send it on this list just yet.

I have been playing with this for three days now trying variants of
defining the size prior to changing terminals etc. but it always does
the same thing. Oh, and I have been RingTFM for both octave and
particularly gnuplot. I have gotten some clues, but nothing that has
helped with this particular issue.

Al Niessner <address@hidden>
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

All opinions stated above are mine and do not necessarily reflect 
those of JPL or NASA.

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