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mexfunction toward octave : computing trouble

From: Jérôme LEFEVRE
Subject: mexfunction toward octave : computing trouble
Date: Sun, 31 Aug 2003 20:10:36 +1100


I try to transpose a Mex function toward octave. The function compute
gradient at node on a unstructured mesh.
I build the linked function with mkoctfile and test it with a simple 2
triangle mesh, but successive result are never homogeneous.
I suspect unsuitable format or allocation gap, but my experience is poor in
Spurious loop (with no homogenous successive result) in are : line
165 to 176 and line 180 to 188

Anyone could help me ? What is wrong ?

Many thanks : gradient function for unstructured mesh
test_grad.m : a simple gradient test with 2 element

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Description: Binary data

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