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Re: multi-dimensional matrix

From: Nathan Weisz
Subject: Re: multi-dimensional matrix
Date: Tue, 19 Aug 2003 08:43:23 +0200

Hi Weijun,

I just asked the same question a couple of days ago. msg01339.html
Got no answer however. :-(

So when I try this (as I would in Matlab) ...
octave:34> a=rand(2)
a =

  0.493654  0.072149
  0.024741  0.886199

octave:35> a(:,:,2)=rand(2)

... I get following error message:
error: invalid number of indices (3) for indexed assignment
error: assignment failed, or no method for `matrix = matrix'
error: evaluating assignment expression near line 35, column 9

So my non-expert guess is: no, a multi-dimensional matrix does not work. But Perhaps someone else more experienced could comment on that.

Don't know if it helps you, but I temporarily solved my problem using cells instead.

octave:36> b=cell(1,2); %define size of cell
octave:37> b{1,1}=rand(2);
octave:38> b{1,2}=rand(2);
octave:39> whos

*** local user variables:

prot  type                       rows   cols  name
====  ====                       ====   ====  ====
 rwd  cell                          1      2  b

octave:45> b
b =
  [1,1] =

    0.70743  0.84567
    0.33874  0.35939

  [1,2] =

    0.84809  0.51944
    0.62300  0.88953


Yet operations over e.g. a third dimension (e.g., Matlab: mean(a,3)), would be a little bit awkward and would need something like a "for i = 1:..."-statement. Or am I wrong??



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