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Re: unknown symbol

From: E2
Subject: Re: unknown symbol
Date: Fri, 15 Aug 2003 08:56:09 -0400
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>       extern "C" {
>          #include "sausage_tree.h"
>       }

Causes the name of the symbol to change, but for some reason it still
isn't found.  I get the following error and octave exits:

/usr/home/gatekeeper/robot/sausage/round2/opt_sausage.oct: Undefined symbol 

s_node_new() is defined in my sausage_tree.c include file.  
I get the feeling I need to compile sausage_tree.c to a .o file or something.
I'm running freeBSD, and I got a similar error earlier when #including
math.h, I had to use "gcc -lm" to actually include the math library.
Anybody know what's going on?


On Thu, Aug 14, 2003 at 07:12:38PM -0400, Paul Kienzle wrote:
> E2 wrote:
> >I've defined some C functions in sausage_tree.h/sausage_tree.c and I
> >#included sausage_tree.h into which I use mkoctfile to
> >build into a octave function.  mkoctfile compiles with no errors, but
> >when I attempt to run the opt_sausage function in octave, I get the
> >following error:
> >
> >/usr/libexec/ 
> >/usr/home/gatekeeper/robot/sausage/round2/opt_sausage.oct: Undefined 
> >symbol "s_node_new__FddP6s_node"
> >
> >I do not have any symbols defined as "s_node_new_FddP6s_node".
> >
> >The error can be eliminated by not calling a function "s_node_new( .....)"
> >(which is defined in sausage_tree.c) in
> >
> >sausage_tree.c compiles without error by itself.
> >With main() included sausage_tree.c runs without error by itself.
> >
> >Does anybody know why the symbol "s_node_new__FddP6s_node" exists, or
> >how I can fix the error?
> >
> Perhaps sausage_tree.h doesn't protect against
> being included in C++.  You could try:
>       extern "C" {
>          #include "sausage_tree.h"
>       }
> Paul Kienzle
> address@hidden


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