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loooooong vector difficulties

From: Robert Leach
Subject: loooooong vector difficulties
Date: Wed, 13 Aug 2003 10:22:10 -0600


I have some data that's huge. It's a string of zeroes and ones that I want to split up into a vector as input to a wavelet transform. I'm talking 9 million elements. I have 3 of these vectors. First of all, even calling zeros(1,9000000) takes forever. I do that to initially populate a convolution kernel and then change the first and last 10 elements with taps. Even those two, ten-iteration loops take forever. Second, octave eventually chokes.

Is there anything I can do to

1: improve performance so that operations it does successfully go faster 2: make octave more amenable to large data structures so it doesn't crash


If that's not possible, then what affect on my results would splitting up the data have?


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