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Plot Title Rotation

From: Peter C. Gravelle
Subject: Plot Title Rotation
Date: Thu, 19 Jun 2003 12:34:13 -0400 (EDT)


I have tried to place titles on my sub plots, and they appear out of

subplot(2,2,1); plot (t, st); title ('Message');
subplot(2,2,2); plot (t, sbam); title ('sbam');
subplot(2,2,3); plot (t, dsb); title ('DSB');
subplot(2,2,4); plot (t, ssb); title ('SSB');

The first time the code ran, the first sub plot had no title, the second
sub plot had the title "Message" [all titles are without quotes], the
third had the title "sbam" and the fourth had the title "DSB".  When the
program was re-run, the only change was that the first plot had gained the
title "SSB".  The plots themselves are in the proper order, just the
titles are out.

I am running GNU Octave, version (i386-pc-linux-gnu), (the one
from the Debian Woody package), and GNUPlot 3.7 (also from Debian Woody

Thanks in advance for your assistance,
-P. C. Gravelle

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