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Re: Octave package for Cygwin

From: Andy Adler
Subject: Re: Octave package for Cygwin
Date: Thu, 12 Jun 2003 10:13:04 -0400 (EDT)

On Wed, 11 Jun 2003, Doug Stewart wrote:
> I tried this on a w2k machine, and all worked OK.
> I would like to setup the edit command to point to notepad. What file
> should I modify?
> Doug stewart

You should be able to set the EDITOR environment variable

export EDITOR=notepad.exe

Unfortunately, the edit.m script in octave-force is very
Unix centred. I've attached the modified edit.m that I use
on windows. I'm not sure which (if any) of these changes
should be checked into octave-forge.


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