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Re: Problem with Octave

From: WJ Atsma
Subject: Re: Problem with Octave
Date: Mon, 9 Jun 2003 10:15:07 +0200

I think that works from the commandline, but not in a function file. Try putting your function definition in a string and call eval(function_string). If you have a recent version of octave you can also put subfunctions in a function file, so you would then have to change your script to a function and then below the testing function define the f function.

Hope that helps.

Willem Atsma

On 2003.06.09 05:00 Fernando Cerda wrote:
Dear Sir,

I am trying to run the following script in octave:

# Integrate t^2 from t=1 to t=3
function xdot = f (x, t)
  xdot(1) = t ^ 2;
t = linspace (0, 3, 10)';
x = lsode ("f", x0, t)

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