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finding .so libraries in DLDs

From: Al Niessner
Subject: finding .so libraries in DLDs
Date: 08 Jun 2003 07:47:00 -0700

I just built a FITS reader which uses a shared library (CFITSIO) from
the people who maintain the FITS standard. Anyway, I had lots of
problems getting it work with Octave because there was no way to define
the rpath during the link phase. I modified mkoctfile so that the user
can pass in -Wl, parameters during the link phase. I have included the
patch in this email if someone would be nice enough to start including
it in future releases. I am using 2.1.44

Al Niessner <address@hidden>
Jet Propulsion Laboratory

All opinions stated above are mine and do not necessarily reflect 
those of JPL or NASA.

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