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About the "new" tutorial

From: abarto
Subject: About the "new" tutorial
Date: Mon, 02 Jun 2003 23:07:42 -0300

I gave up trying to build the static version of the package so I 
settled for the dynamic version, after all is not that big and It 
worked fine for me so far. This made my tutorial a lot simpler.

I'll include on the the tutorial hacks on the run command and the 
cygwin.dll. I needed to tweak a lil the nsis script for the new version 
(apparently there are some major differences between nsis2 beta0 
and beta3).

There's a new 2.1.49 based package that's bigger than the 
previous 2.1.36, that I'll update in a few days. The size doesn't 
matter to me (we install the file locally and distribute it on cd), but I 
guess some people won't like the extra 4 megs.

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