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LSODE: Outputting Non-integrated States

From: Travis
Subject: LSODE: Outputting Non-integrated States
Date: Mon, 2 Jun 2003 09:13:32 -0500
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Is it possible for LSODE to output data for states other than the 'dy' values? 

For example:
I am working on a dynamic simulation of a hydraulic system with flow rates and 
pressures.  The 'dy' values are all pressures, but in order to calculate 
them, you need to calculate the flow rates as an intermediate step. Since the 
equation to get flow rate from pressure difference isn't a differential 
equation, it isn't output by LSODE.  
I'm interested in the flows, not pressures.  Since the integration routine 
calculates these flows as intermediate values (which I can't access), I'm 
having to duplicate the calculation when I post-process the pressures to get 
flows. Any ideas of how to output these flows directly from LSODE to avoid 
the redundant calculations?

I hope I've explained my problem clearly.

Travis Wiens
University of Saskatchewan

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