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Sell Condom

From: &
Subject: Sell Condom
Date: Sun, 01 Jun 2003 21:32:35 +0800

Dear All

Our company has rich experience in health-care planned parenthood articles. 
Especially in the aspect of condom manufacturing, we have rich professional 
knowledge and years of practical experience. Currently, the company has experts 
in marketing and quality management. We enjoyed high reputation in the domestic 
marketing net and after sale service.

Our condom is produced by the biggest domestic condom manufacture with strong 
technical strength. The company successfully developed the innitial condom 
dip-moulding --- electric checking --- mechanical production line which has 
been awarded the state patent and technical development achievement praise. For 
assuring the condom quality, the factory carries out the GB/T1900-ISO9000 
series standard and built complete quality system. Our condom quality has 
passed the state quality certificate. All the have been issued the U.S. FDA No. 
510(K), CE certificate and South Africa SABS certificate.

We has quality management department and professional staff to take charge of 
quality management and after sale service.

Production Standard: GB7544-1999 Width: W52(?33)MM
Our products come into "Shile" series condom, "Garlesty" series Condom etc.

Our production series include :

Production munber       Specification
SL12 A6         NONXYOL-9 + middle tighten
SL12 A          NONXYOL-9 + Ultra thin
SL12 B          NONXYOL-9  + Wrinkle
SL12 C          NONXYOL-9 + floating
SL12 D          NONXYOL-9 + Floating-point
SL12 E          NONXYOL-9 + Sterilization
SL12 F          NONXYOL-9 + round veins
SL12 G          NONXYOL-9 + complanation
QLS12 A1        Ultra thin
QLS12 B1        Wrinkle
QLS12 C1        Floating

Any enquiry are weclome .And please give me your compamy information first .

Contract : Mr. Shile


Shenzhen Shlie Wheizhanglong Co., LTD


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