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Array and Marray doubt

From: Sreangsu Acharyya
Subject: Array and Marray doubt
Date: Tue, 24 Dec 2002 15:56:28 -0600

Been browsing the header files for a few minutes to get an idea how liboctave
is implemented. Couple of very elementary doubts.


I noticed that the copy-constructor of ArrayRep does a deep copy, while
that of Array does a shallow copy. Am I correct in thinking that the
copy-constr of ArrayRep could have been made to do a shallow copy, and
make_unique() make an explicit deep-copy instead of callingthe copy-constructor
to do the deep copying. That way copy-constructors of Array as well as
ArrayRep would have had a shallow-copy implementation.

This doesnt change anything since ArrayRep is nested within Array, just
making sure, that i got it.


I am still not clear about the functionality of the Marray class. Could
anyone explain

  Apologies for the very elementary questions.

-- sreangsu

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