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dynamic loaded functions only?

From: Albert F. Niessner
Subject: dynamic loaded functions only?
Date: 17 Dec 2002 14:12:19 -0500

It appears as though I can only have dynamically loaded functions in
octave. Is it possible to have procedures instead?

To clarify, functions have no side effects and all inputs are passed by
value. What I would like to have is a procedure that modifies the matrix
that is input in place -- a procedure. As an example, lets say the input
is a 2 GB time domain series that I want to examine in the frequency
domain. Having three copies of it would exceed my the available memory
on my linux box. Hence, I would like to write an in-place FFT routine,
but the args(0).matrix_value returns a copy of what I pass in from the
octave command line. I looked through ov-base.h and did not see anything
other than matrix_value -- I was hoping for a matrix_reference or

So, how do I get dynamically loaded procedures as well as functions?

Al Niessner

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