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find frequencies

From: Paolo Ariano
Subject: find frequencies
Date: 09 Dec 2002 12:41:18 +0100

hi *,
Studing Kangaroo model, i'm searching for a start-point to solve this
(probably stupid) problem:

to simplify i define a vector (a) as follow:

octave> a=[1,2,3,0,5,6,0,0,9,0,0,0,13,14,0]

i'd like to have a new vector (b) with the frequencies of a subsequent
particular value, in this case "0" so the result is:

         ^     ^ ^   ^ ^ ^       ^    
         1       2       3       1


do you have any idea ?

Paolo Ariano                                  
Neuroscience PhD Student                      
DBAU & INFM Turin (Italy)                     

La liberta' in coppia raddoppia -- Tiziana S.  

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